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Midland, Texas Child Support Lawyer

The State of Texas wants to see that every child receives financial and parental support. Texas Legislature has established child support guidelines that govern how much money a parent without primary custody must pay to the primary custodial parent. If you are going through divorce Kirk & Williams Law can help.

Determining Child Support
Child support is based on statutory guidelines that depend on the number of children, income and any special needs for the children to determine the amount that will be paid. Texas judges have full authority to order child support that differs from the following guidelines.

One child: 20% of your net pay
Two children: 25% of your net pay
Three children: 30% of your net pay
Four+ children: 35% of your net pay (possibly more if requested by the court)

Texas child support guidelines will also take into consideration the children you have with other partners by reducing the amount of support you are required to pay.

Disability: If your child or children is or becomes disabled or is unable to care for themselves, parents are required to support the child as long as he/she needs support, no matter the age.

Child Support Order Modification
Changes in primary custody and income can warrant a request for a modification to child support. Our firm will represent any parent or parents who want to request a modification or contest proposed changes. We believe that adequate child support is important to your child's well being. 

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